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Senin, 12 April 2010

Tweak Master Pro 3.04

This program differs from other tweaking, above all, a narrow focus. If other optimizers often include a variety of utilities bootblack roster until backup units, TweakMASTER contains only the means to configure the Internet connection.

In general we can say that the program is very complete solution and will be a great helper for those who work a lot on the Internet. It includes virtually all of the tools that they can come in handy - from utilities to synchronize the system time to the means to download Web pages in the background.

* Connection Optimization Wizard (Wizard optimize connection) This module is a step by step wizard, which allows you to configure the Internet connection is best. This user does not need to set any settings - only need to specify the type of Internet connection and a way to connect to the Internet, and then choose one of three options to optimize (in the program, they are called - option 1, 2 and 3). If optimization has not brought the desired result, you may want to choose another option or with the same master to return to their original settings.
* Advanced Optimization Settings (advanced settings optimization) If the previous module is designed for novice users and does not require any knowledge about a system like this, rather, more experienced computer scientists. With it you can manually configure some settings network adapter and connect to the Internet. It should be noted that there is a rollback option, which will help in case of selecting the parameters failed to return everything as it was.
* DNS Accelerator (accelerator DNS) When you enter the site name in a browser window, the program must convert the text into a numeric address. It takes some time, since thiscomputer sends a request to the DNS-server provider, after which he sends it to the server domain. DNS Accelerator module stores this information for sites you visit directly on yourcomputer, which greatly speeds up the work.
* Connection Speed Measurement (measurement of the speed of communication) module that allows to test the quality of Internet connection.
* Advanced Ping & TraceRoute - module that allows to detect the source of the problems encountered when using the Internet and local network.
* Network Connections Viewer - the module for viewing open network connections, TCP and UDP ports in real time.
* Clock Synchronization - synchronize the system time with the servers of exact time. There is a list of servers to which you can add your own.
* Keep Connected - module to avoid bursting the Internet connection to your ISP.
* Smart WhoIs - utility to obtain information about the domain or IP-address.
* LinkFox - an additional module that allows to speed up surfing at the expense of the autonomous loading of these options.

Would you like to :

* Automatically optimize and speed up any type of Internet connection.
* Use advanced, yet easy to use, networking diagnostics and troubleshooting tools.
* Optimize Internet Explorer and Firefox for snappier web surfing.
* Be in total control of all networking configuration settings.
* Specific optimizations for every Windows version from Windows 2000 to Windows 7.

Whats New On TweakMaster 3.04 :

* TweakMASTER has been updated for a better compatibility with localized versions of Windows Vista and Windows 7 (users of German Windows Vista are the most affected).
* An optional Ask toolbar has been removed from TweakMASTER installer.
* Several minor fixes and improvements.

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